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Investment Consulting​

China Express Agency has helped many small-to-medium size companies in developing their businesses, finding investment partners and listing on the market in the US. Besides, we assist prospective investors with access to Regional Center principals and investment projects; seek for potential investment opportunities and strategic partnership. We periodically organize China-US delegation to target market for road show where participants can directly meet with decision makers in politics and business field, individual and institutional investors. We also refer specialists from the government, industry and business. Success stories include a network Printing Co. merger investments in the US, Chinese real estate companies direct investment in the United States and EB5 Immigrant Investor Program, pharmaceutical company investment business in the United States, cooperated with US listed real estate trust Liberty Property Trust in Beijing and Shanghai real estate investment business.


中国顺达为众多中小型企业在两国间开展业务,寻找可靠投资伙伴和赴美上市提供了帮助。同时,我们协助有远见的投资人考量资质优秀的区域中心和其它投资项目,寻找潜在投资机会和战略合伙人。我们定期组织中美投资代表团赴融资目的地做专项路演,直接与政商决策者与投资人会面,引荐政府、商业、行业专家。成功案例包括某网络印刷股份有限公司在美国的兼并投资,中国房地产公司在美直接投资和EB5投资移民项目,制药公司在美投资业务,合作美国著名房地产上市信托公司Liberty Property Trust在中国北京影视城、上海房地产投资等业务。


Delivering powerful business solutions
Cooperation with International Organizations and Governments

We have close cooperation and contact with the United Nations, the Chinese Embassy and consulates and other official organizations. We have fixed annual projects including the summer project arranging Chinese language training programs for United Nations officials. Besides, recently we have been planning and organizing projects including host Youth Assembly with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Chinese Culture Week joint with the UN Security Council and General Assembly Affairs, organize seminars among Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese consulates, UN officials, also with close relation with government departments such as US Department of Commerce, the US Federal Bureau of SMEs.


我们与联合国、中国驻美领馆等官方组织有密切合作和联系,并得到了固定项目包括每年暑假协助联合国中文处为联合国在职官员及外交官提供中文培训项目,目前已经策划并准备协办筹办的项目包括为联合国科教文组织(UNESCO)承办的联合国青年大会 (Youth Assembly),与联合国安理会大会事务处合办的中国文化周活动,组织中国著名企业与中国驻美领馆、联合国开发计划署(UNDP)的交流活动等,并与美国商务部,美国联邦中小企业局等政府部门保持密切合作和联系。


Training Program

China Express is always ready to present the best training program customized to your requirement. All courses are specifically designed for trainees after fully understanding their needs. We analyze the industries those trainees are from and set up match-up experts, organizations and companies for them to interact with. Our training program adopts various methods to give participants a wide range of experiences, such as lectures, discussion panels, case studies, business visits and so forth. All trainees will get credentials from top-ranked universities after complete the training. Besides, we have cooperation with The Judge Group, with Columbia University, New York University and other institutions of higher learning in the world to provide high-end financial and management training services for Chinese entrepreneurs, executives, promote headhunter services to help employment of Chinese students in the United States, promote in Chinese universities of US football culture.


坐拥丰富的教育及商务资源,中国顺达为客户量身订制最好的培训方案和课程。根据学员所在行业,我们寻找对口的专家、组织或企业与学员进行交流。公司所开设的培训课程通过丰富的教学形式,不但为学员提供宝贵的资讯,更可以扩展人脉资源。教学形式包括但不限于:讲座、研讨会、案例研究、实地考察等。学员在圆满结束培训后可获得顶尖大学的认证。成功案例包括与美国大型公司The Judge Group合作,在哥伦比亚大学,纽约大学等世界高等学府为中国企业家高管提供金融、管理等高端培训服务,在美国推广就业猎头服务,学生可拿到顶尖学府及相关著名公司的证书,在中国多所高校合作推广美式橄榄球文化。

Performance and Exhibition

China Express Agency also specializes in organizing, coordinating and promoting culture exchange exhibition and performance in the US. We have been collaborating with the finest vendors and venue management offices, as well as supported by culture department from Chinese Embassy New York Consulate of China and the United Nations. We have successfully accomplished series of international events and performances with positive feedback from clients and audiences. Parts of past events are: Peony Pavilion/ Silk Road/ China-US Midwest Cooperation Forum/ China-US Boao Manufactured Stone Conference, etc.





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